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Eye on Alumni

George Ranalli (B. Arch '72), Architect, George Ranalli Architect
Dean, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, City College of New York

George Ranalli (B. Arch '72) is a New York City architect whose work includes home renovations, as well as major public projects, most recently the Saratoga Avenue Community Center in Brooklyn, completed in 2009. Ranalli also enjoys designing furniture, a passion he developed while studying at Pratt.

A chair he designed for a home renovation is part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's permanent collection. The chair, Valentine 2, is now being featured, along with the work of other Pratt alumni, in the exhibition "Highlights from the Modern Design Collection, 1900 to the Present."  

Text and Production: Abigail Beshkin
Video: Jonathan Weitz