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Gateway was the community newsletter of Pratt Institute published monthly by the Office of Communications, in the Division of Institutional Advancement through spring 2014. For current Pratt-related news, visit the News page on Pratt’s website.



Diana Ngo “Miss Dingo,” Susan Luss, and Milo Wissig
Senior Painting Students

The fire that struck Pratt’s Main Building on February 15 destroyed the work of many senior painting students. Diana Ngo “Miss Dingo,” Susan Luss, and Milo Wissig dealt with the challenge of moving forward in different ways. As a group, their already tight-knit class has bonded even more. Last month, Gateway filmed them before and after they moved into their temporary studio spaces constructed in the ARC Building. They were able to get back in the groove in time for their group thesis show in Manhattan, Flameproof

Text and Production: Bay Brown
Video and Production: Peter Tannenbaum